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Background information

An Article group allows you to gather articles into one group. Article groups serve several purposes:

  • Synchronization with Variants, e.g. the Articles group 'Fabrics' can be synchronized with many fabric variants. Such synchronization causes that all articles from Fabrics group will be seen as synchronized variants realizations.
  • Articles registration for bookkeeping accounts or costplaces.
  • Defining complaint articles (they can be used in complaint process to identify subject of complaint), usually it is a group of articles at the element level.
  • Determination of surpluses. When you create an article group, you can specify surpluses for the group. In this case, the system automatically assigns surpluses to articles belonging to the same group.

Defining article groups

  1. Start SaturnGG.
  2. Select Articles - Dictionaries - Article groups.
  3. Press F3 to open the Articles group definition window.
  4. Complete below information.



    Articles group code

    Insert code

    Articles group description

    Insert description


    All articles from the group will be booked to this account


    The surplus is an "extra" quantity of the article left for processing in the subsequent stages of production. The surpluses are selected from the dictionary of Surpluses.

    After size change show option window


    Automatically calculate weight


    Supplier order split into models

    This option allows you to divide production material into models according to material demand.

    For example, to produce furniture A, B and C you need 10 m2 of foamed polystyrene.

    • If split into models is off, supplier order will be as follows:
      • Foamed polystyrene - 10 m2
    • If split into models is on, supplier order will be as follows:
      • Foamed polystyrene A - 3m2
      • Foamed polystyrene B - 3m2
      • Foamed polystyrene C - 5m2

    Price control

    This is an option that allows you to force the WAP price during orders import. If a customer order for an item from a given Articles group does not have a correctly defined WAP price, the system will not allow importing such an order.

    Pallet cards split into models

    This option allows you to divide articles that are production materials into pallets (analogous to an option supplier order split into a model).

    Complaint article

    Articles from this group are taken into account during the realization of the complaint.

    Complaints are specified in a Customer order form, in the Complaints tab. Then you can indicate the complaint article. As a complaint article we can see only articles belonging to the group with the Complaint articleche ckbox marked.

    Complaint articles are usually defined on the level of elements.

    Complaint articles are included in the material standard of an finished good which is a subject of a complaint.

  5. Press F6 to save Article group.