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Background information

This option allows you to import articles through Saturn GG, excluding the Importer.

  1. As a result of the import, not only articles can be created in the system, but also some dictionary data. In the case of existing dictionaries, the data is matched. If you want to make a match, make sure that the data is consistent, e.g. avoid typos.
  2. If an article already exists in the system, the data is overwritten. Imports of articles can therefore be used to update the data.
  3. The articles are imported from an XLS file. The system accepts Excel files and OfficeLibre sheets.
  4. It is also required to indicate a model article on the basis of which the system will build the structure of new articles.
  5. If the required data is not completed in the XLS file, it is taken from the model article.
    1. The information contained in the file is always superior to the definition of the model article. For example, if there is a different Unit 1 in the XLS file and in the model article definition, then the Unit 1 is imported from the XLS file.
    2. It is recommended that one import should include articles of the same type, e.g. the materials themselves. Then the master article should also have the material type.

XLS file

Before the first import, generate an XLS file. Please do this:

Select Articles - Article import.