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Background information

This is an option to view and modify the articles entered into the system. Article edition, adding and removing is supported by standard Saturn hotkeys.

Preview window

Opction is available: Articles - Articles preview.

Search panel

On the left-hand side you will find the article search panel. Next to it there is a data table. Above there is a Toolbar.

Search panel criteria / elements list



Article (code / desc.)

Here, you can manually insert a code or description or a part of them.

Articles group

Variants group

Technological group




Select status:
- Active,
- Inactive,
- All.

Close after search (checkbox)

You can also use CTRL+S to show/hide the panel

Search (button)Initiates searching.
Clear (button)Clears searching criteria. It is recommended way to clear criteria.

Data grid

Data is presented in a grid. You can work with it according to grid operationg procedure, i.e. you can group, sort or filter data.

Context menu

For each selected position you can call a context menu by mouse right click. It contains below options:



Global changesAllows you to modify multiple positions at the same time. The modifications are identical for all selected articles. The list of captions that can be retrieved is available after activating the option.
Export toAllows you to export selected positions to external files.