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Background information

It is an option supporting automatical generating of codes and article descriptions. Automatic naming is created for article groups indicated by the user.

This is done on the basis of an auto-numbering scheme.


If users want to use codes and article descriptions generator, they should specify in advance the scheme they want to use, as well as the coding and naming of individual elements that will be used to build the name.
Generated codes and descriptions should not exceed the available number of characters. In case of exceeding the number of characters, the system makes it impossible to enter the code / description. It should be remembered that separators are treated by the system as characters.

Maximum number of characters:

Article code15 digits
Article description50 digits

In order to be able to generate article nomenclature elements, it is necessary to specify:

  • Numbering scheme;
  • Connect this numbering scheme to the article group;

Numbering scheme

In order to specify the auto-numbering scheme for articles, it is necessary:

  1. Select the option Autonumbering.
  2. Select F3 to add a new scheme.
  3. Select a Scheme type: Article. The list of components will be displayed. Components are divided into code and description components.
  4. Specify the data: Code, Description, Separator and Number of digits in the column (if you want to use the next component no.).
  5. Drag components to the appropriste Scheme areas. Remember the limited number of characters in the code and article description fields.
  6. Select F6 to save the numbring scheme.

Article group

Specify for which groups auto-numbering can be used. For this purpose, in a group definition, the Auto-numeration checkbox should be marked, and then the scheme should be chosen.

Defining articles with auto-numbering

  1. Select Articles - New article.
  2. Select Article group.
  3. If the group has a selected auto-numbering and you want to use this option, go to the Code field and enter the # symbol.
  4. A window with fields building the auto-numbering scheme will be displayed. These are required fields to be filled in. Select Save to confirm your selection. The system will not generate a code and name if the number of characters is exceeded.
  5. This data is transferred to the main article window. Next, follow the procedure of defining articles.
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